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Gluten Free & Organic Pasta

Gluten Free PastaJust because one has to avoid gluten doesn’t mean missing out on great foods. Brown rice pasta, corn pasta and gluten free Jersey tomato sauces are just the beginning.

La Fabbrica della Pasta

We tried many gluten free pastas and none compare to this one! A customer favorite that surpasses all other gluten free pastas.

Seggiano Organic Pastas

Seggiano pastas are certified organic and made using high density durum wheat from Tuscany. It is slow dried for 26 hours at a temperature below 45º. This process preserves the original proteins and gluten content of the wheat, giving the pasta its consistency and delicious flavor. It is almost impossible to overcook this pasta.

Marella Pastas

These beautiful, certified organic pastas are made by hand in the Puglia region of Italy. The colors are all natural and combine to create a rainbow on every piece of pasta. We offer a variety of shapes, and each one is more exquisite than the last. Perfect for gifting, Marella pasta is simply magnificent.

Great cheeses, pestos, tapenades and spreads will help round out your meals. Our selection is growing every day… there is always something new coming in!

Come see us at Casa Casale and taste for yourself, or check out some of our selections in our online store.

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