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Imported Pasta at Casa Casale

Casa Casale Imported PastaOur pastas are imported from many different regions of Italy. They are all natural with no preservatives. The pastas are bronze die drawn, giving the pasta a rustic texture that allows sauces to cling to it. Our colored pastas are created using natural vegetable dyes that remain true after the pasta is cooked.

In Italy, pasta is the “primo piatti”, or first course. It is served as a small portion, lightly sauced and a prelude to the meat course or “secondi”.

Casa Casale has a pasta for everyone – we offer unique shapes, a variety of sizes and even several gluten free options. We can help you find the pasta for you and suggest one of our sauces!

Maestri Pasta

Maestri pasta is made in the shadow of Mount Vesuvius, using the original 100 year old recipe. Maestri uses only the highest quality semolina and southern Italian water to make their dough.

Orsini Pasta

Produced in Torre Annunziata, in the Campagnia region of Italy, Orsini pasta is made with durum wheat semolina and slow dried. The taste and variety of shapes makes Orsini a staff favorite!

La Fabbrica Della Traditional & Gluten Free Pasta

Made in Gragnano, a small hill-side town located outside of Naples, this pasta has a nuttier flavor and is more textured than other pastas. Their gluten free pastas are made with corn and rice, and are the closest to traditional pasta that we have been able to find.

La Piana Egg Pastas and Stuffed Pastas

Made with care near Milan, Italy by a family run business which has dedicated three generations to perfecting the art of making stuffed pastas. These light egg pastas are staff favorites that will elevate even the simplest sauces. These pastas are made from high quality durum wheat semolina and eggs, resulting in a rough textured pasta that is light as well as hearty. Try with your favorite creamy sauce.

We also offer a variety of gluten free and organic pastas as well.

Come see us at Casa Casale and taste for yourself, or check out some of our selections in our online store.

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